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Program Schedule

In general, program starts from the first Monday of each quarter. Part-time students can start at the beginning of each month. 

Quarterly Starting Date College Track (25 hrs/wk) General Track (20 hrs/wk) Part-time
First Monday of Each Quarter 5 hrs/daily for 4 wks 4 hrs/daily for 4 wks Any hours
Full –Time Students

Golden Gate Language School (GGLS) has two full-time programs.

Both programs allow you to study and practice English all day at the school – in the classroom, during social activities, at lunchtime and, of course, with your friends.

If you are planning to attend a U.S. college or university after your English studies, you might consider entering the Conditional College Acceptance Program. At GGLS, you can prepare for the TOEFL Test or complete the TOEFL Waiver Guaranteed Transfer Program.

College Track
Lets you complete each English proficiency level in 4 weeks. You will study 5 hours per day Monday through Friday (25 hours per week) and reach English fluency and admission to one of our affiliate colleges and universities in the shortest possible time.
General Track
Allows you to complete your English studies at a less intensive pace. You will study full-time but only 5 hours per day Monday through Thursday (20 hours per week).
Part-Time Instruction

We recommend a schedule of 1-4 hours per day if you want to improve your English and also have time for other activities. You can advance your English speaking and listening skills and then spend the rest of the day exploring California.

Start classes at any time and study for any length of time. Just call a few days in advance to schedule a placement test and evaluation.

Course and Tuition Information

  • Sessions are 4 weeks in length Maximum class size is 12
  • Classes are daily, Monday through Thursday
  • First class starts at 9:10 am, last class ends at 2:20 pm
  • College Track meets M-Th 9:10-3:20 and F 9:10-12:00
  • Tuition is based only on classroom instruction

Private Lessons

  • Personalized private lesson is $70/hour

Full-time Tuition

Full-time Tuition College Track (25 hrs/wk) General Track (20 hrs/wk)
1 Sessions (4 weeks) $1890 $1400
3 Sessions (12 weeks) $5250 ($1750/session) $3900 ($1300/session)
Daily Rate $114/average $105

Other Costs and Services

  • Registration Fce (onc timc. nonrefundablc) S100
  • Placement Test Fee (nonrefundablc) S25
  • Textbooks (averagc per scssion) S75-S300
  • International Express Mail (minimum. nonrefundable) S80
  • Custom Instruction Per Hour S70
  • Tutoring Per Hour S45
Prices are subject to change without notice

For cancellation and other policies please check the brochure. Thank you.

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